A New Narrative

It has been refreshing to read that the NHS UK have begun to improve their website information on Down’s syndrome.

It was felt that some of the narrative descriptions were unhelpful and thanks to the pressure from the Down's community and their efforts the NHS listened and are revising their website. 

The new updates sing a much better narrative of life with Down's syndrome. The information is helpful and worth reading. 


It made me think of the narrative we tell on intellectual disabilities. Often one of 'they can't' rather than, 'they can'. 

This can't be what the church is saying. Our narrative must be in line with God's heart. A heart that says you are valued and play an indispensable contribution to the church body.   

The NHS have said:

'We still want to do a more substantial piece of work to improve this content..’

Do you want to do more to improve our Church's message to the community?
We can use our words to bring a hopeful, fulfilled and joyful narrative we only need to look at Jesus and the story He has written. 

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